The Camp Girl works individually with couples to find and create their perfect Summer Camp Wedding.

Working with our extensive contacts within the industry we match our clients with camps that fit their vision and budget.

One the venue is chosen, our attention to detail and experience allows us to incorporate and organize all those custom campy details.


Summer Camp has always been a magical place full of endless wonder and possibilities -- a space that removes the restrictions of everyday life and allows you to be uninhibited, in an environment of love, joy and creativity.


When my husband and I started thinking about where to get married, we both knew we wanted to do something a little different. Mainstream wedding venues were nice but they were missing the magical element. For us, getting married at camp offered us the opportunity to create an event that would be more than just a wedding. It would allow our friends and loved ones the opportunity to spend real time with us together, to bond with one another, hugged by nature, in a setting they would not soon forget.


Once we got started, however, I quickly realized that the magic of camp does not translate to wedding planning. There was no quick or easy way to find out which camps hosted weddings, what dates they had available, or how much they cost. I spent months reaching out to dozens of camps, looking at facilities, and talking to directors to try to find the place that was right for us. In the end our wedding turned out to be everything we’d dreamed of. But in the process I’d also assembled an extensive database of summer camps and their wedding capabilities And with that knowledge I knew I could help others plan their camp wedding without all the stress and hassle that I went through.



Worked in the camp industry for over 10 years as Director, Program Coordinator, Event Planner, and Chief Marketing Officer

  Licensed social worker 

Planned & orchestrated own DIY Camp Wedding  

Associate board member of SCOPE (Camp Scholarship Program) with contacts at dozens of camps across the U.S. and Canada

27 years combined experience attending and working for summer camps



Working in the fashion industry for over 10 years 

Personal Shopper at Net a Porter 


Worked at BHLDN, Topshop & ASOS as personal stylist 

Founder of JemmaSophieStyling.com